Festival Independence Day

When: Sunday August 28, 14:00h – 20:30h

Where: Herenweg 250a, Barsingerhorn

For who: For all Ukrainians in or near Hollands Kroon and everyone supporting them

By who: The initiative for this festival comes from 3 Ukrainian women living in Hollands Kroon (picture): Sasha, Oksana and Hanna. With the help of other Ukrainians and sponsors they organized the festival. All people involved (organizers, singers, DJ, cooks, helping hands etc) do this voluntarily.

Costs: Free entrance! 
Drinks, food, T-shirts, gadgets etc. are paid with ‘coins’. Yo can buy these coins in cash or with QR code on your smartphone (iDeal).


  • Live music by Ukrainian singers
  • Ukrainian DJ
  • Enjoy the Ukrainian kitchen
  • The Dutch & Ukrainians meet
  • Master classes for children 
  • Trampoline and play area
  • and more…

Charity: All money earned at this charity festival will be used to support children in the war zone.

You also can click to Donate now to City of Goodness!

Transportation: To make it possible for everyone to celebrate independence and to enjoy the festival, there will be free busses for transportation. Below you find the schedule for the pick-up. (Be in time at the pick-up point, only one bus will come!)

Bus 1:

12:55h – Middenmeer – Bus stop Alkmaarseweg

13:08h – Wieringerwerf – Bus stop Brinkweg  

13:23h – Den Oever – Bus station Havenweg

13:33h – Hippolytushoef – Bus stop N99

13:44h – Van Ewijcksluis – Bus stop Oude veer

13:52h – Anna Paulowna – Bus stop Oude Gemeentehuis

14:02h – Anna Paulowna – Kruiswijk, parking train station

14:15h – Wieringerwaard – Bus stop Iepenlaan

14:30h – Barsingerhorn – Festival area ‘Bucephalus’

Bus 2:

13:15h – Schagen – Train station

13:33h – ‘t Veld – Bus stop Oranjelaan

13:47h – Nieuwe Niedorp – Bus stop de Veert

13:56h – Winkel – Bus stop Wilgenlaan 

14:10h – Barsingerhorn – Festival area ‘Bucephalus’

To return home the same busses will leave the festival at 20:30h and drive the same route in reverse direction.


Can not come to one of these bus stops?

If it is not possible for you to come to one of these bus stops, please contact us in the Whatsapp group. We will try to arrange a ride for you.