Find and offer shelter in Europe for Ukrainians

This website aims to connect initiatives and helps find and offer shelter in Europe for Ukrainians fleeing from war.

About this site

The Dutch NGO “ImPower social impact company” hosted this application. In our daily work, we support unemployed people towards work or education by peer-coaching.

We are deeply shocked by the war in Ukraine, and we are ready to help. The campus is turned into a safe and warm place to stay for 10 to 20 people from Ukraine. With Shelter4Ukraine, we want to set up a network in the area with people who offer room. Furthermore, we want to use our professional network to help Ukrainians who come to the Netherlands find a job here.

We see lots of people doing the same, this is great, and all of these offers, projects, and initiatives need to be made visible for the refugees (otherwise, it is difficult to know where to look). Therefore, we put this site online; it aims to connect all of those local initiatives – from individual offers to significant projects – and make them searchable in one open database.

To all who have space in their home or who is coordinating local initiatives, projects, or FB groups:

Please register your offer so the refugees can find it!

To all Ukrainians: Stay safe and know that if you need to flee, you are very welcome here.

Peter Fekkes en Arjan te Wierik,

Founders “ImPower social impact company”